The Journey Updated...

      This adventure into creating began many years ago when I was much younger and it was an outlet for all the ideas running thru my head. I've been making my whole life but there was a period of time where I stopped making with my hands and worked really hard to achieve...achieve awards, win respect, win competitions. And I was left with scorched earth. My soul, my body and my mind were so tired they all physically ached.

      So I walked away. Walked away from the fancy pants job, they long hours, the competitions I was winning (imagined and real!) and went back to what made me remember what I loved in life, The Arts, History, Symbolism, Ancient Religions & Travel. 

      To All the Creators out there, it is a hard long road, it's a confusing road, it's a trial by fire kinda road. When you create you are finding the pieces of yourself you lost thru the years and it makes for a scary kind of road. But it will be worth it. Someone out there needs your voice, your light, your vision to help them find theirs.

     I mainly work with leather but know that every cuff has more Love and Thought than I could possibly convey. It's my talent in physical form to help you find your light and encourage you when you need it most. And because of that it means we are never truly alone on this adventure.